15 TV Shows and Movies That Should Be Comics

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9. Kill Bill
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist: Vanessa R. Del Rey

The crux of the Kill Bill epic is an all-or-nothing classic revenge yarn, based on The Bride murdering her former crew of badass assassins for turning on her. Well, how about a prequel? It would be great to see the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad in their prime, storming warlord compounds, swinging Hanzo Hattori swords and dismembering yakuza armies. Tarantino gave us a highly stylized kung fu story with gore and vivid colors, easily translatable to comics, but every character on the big hit list is as tough and intriguing as he or she is unique and deserves to be fleshed out. There’s an endless sea of adventures and interpersonal drama to plumb with this set up.


10. The Last Dragon
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Adam Kubert

If you read my coverage of NY Comic Con 2013, it’s no surprise that The Last Dragon made the list. By the end of the movie, Leroy has defeated Sho’nuff and the odious Eddie Arkadian, but how long can the happy ending last, right? New York City was a dangerous place in the late ‘80s, so between running his own dojo and helping at his father’s pizzeria, Leroy could protect the streets of Harlem from gangs, thugs and maybe even the crack epidemic. Balance all that darkness with hindsight and the humor to poke fun at all the funky outfits and hair, and you may even come close to recreating what makes the movie such a joy to watch even now.


11. Mad Max
Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Sean Murphy

With a new Mad Max video game due out this year, and a fourth installment in the movie franchise coming in 2015, it’s kind surprising this isn’t already a comic. Warner Brothers is behind the game and movie, and since they own DC, well, you know…synergy. They’ve started the ball rolling with a short motion comic tie-in for the game, so all they really need to do is keep it going. The art in the motion comic is on point, too, in terms of a post-apocalyptic outback road warrior aesthetic.


12. Miami Vice
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Fiona Staples 

Speaking of the ‘80s, someone needs to continue the adventures of Crockett and Tubbs, the two slickest detectives in Miami. This revival shouldn’t be a GTA-style, tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the admittedly weird Reagan Era either. A Miami Vice comic deserves more. It may brim with palm trees, beach bodies and flashy cars, but it can still be a little noir, even in spite of Crockett’s neon shirts. Also, the Armani-clad duo may need to broaden their horizons so they aren’t constantly chasing after drug dealers. Just saying, that’ll get old eventually. Either way it would probably be a thrilling read, so hopefully someone will roll up his or her suit sleeves and create this.


13. Natural Born Killers
Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Matteo Scalera

Mickey and Mallory Knox, the Bonnie and Clyde of the MTV generation, could get way more bloodthirsty in two dimensions. They spree-killed their way across the country before falling prey to a few too many snake bites, sentenced to separate lives behind bars. Naturally they escaped, and before murdering an Australian journalist on live television, they hint at starting a normal life — getting fat, raising kids, all that. The comic could pick up five or ten years later and see how that’s all going. Good god, what kind of ghoulish kids must they be raising?


14. Ripper from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Writer: Mike Carey
Artist: Joe Madureira

It seems like every one else from Buffy gets a spin-off, so why not Giles? Word is there was supposed to be a Giles-centric TV series on BBC after the show’s big finale in 2003, but nothing ever materialized. With all the references to Rupert Giles and his youthful tough guy days when he was known as Ripper, it’d be a much different look at the wise old watcher. Plus, it would give us the chance to see the Buffy-verse in a whole different era. The series could follow a proto-scooby gang with Ripper and the puckish Ethan Rayne as they use sundry charms, talismans and magics to sort out all manner of supernatural trouble, and cause a bunch of it themselves. Like an A-Team of the occult.


15. Shaft
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Sean Phillips

Shaft is so ingrained in the pop culture lexicon that even decades after his inception, you still hear the name and slick theme song. However, whole generations are growing up clueless as to why he’s a such bad mother… shut your mouth. Comics-wise, Shaft would thrive as much in the present as he would in the ‘70s, though we all know where he belongs. Basically, we’re talking a detective story, but let’s face it, whatever Shaft is up to is bound to be pretty cool. You’re damn right.