21 Olympics-Fueled Films to Go with Your Sochi

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8. Goldengirl (1979)


This bizarre movie about an Olympian athlete (played by Susan Anton in her film debut) created by a Nazi doctor takes place at the 1980 Moscow Olympics and features cameos from track-and-field stars Bob Beamon and Dwight Stones.
Final Results: Unobtainium

9. International Velvet (1978)


When the parents of Sarah Brown (Tatum O’Neal) are killed in a car crash, she moves in with her Aunt Velvet, a national horse rider. Fighting against her anguish, Sarah uses horseback riding and competing in the Olympics to overcome her sorrow. This sequel to the beloved 1944 film, National Velvet (starring Mickey Rooney and Elizabeth Taylor) has some good moments, but is a tad melodramatic and not of the highest cinematic quality.
Final Results: DNP

10. Jim Thorpe – All-American (1951)


A biopic of Native American athlete Jim Thorpe, who won two gold medals in the 1912 Olympics. Unlike many Olympic tales, this story does not end with Thorpe’s wins, but follows the various challenges he faces after the Olympics. It’s in black and white and a little stiff, but for those who love classic Hollywood cinema and the Olympics, this film is worth checking out.
Final Results: Bronze

11. Miracle (2004)


This movie gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Cold War.” In this Olympic tale set in 1980, the U.S. hockey team faces the much better Soviet hockey team. The odds are against the U.S. hockey team, but their intense coach trains them to exceed their expectations.
Final Results: Silver

12. Munich (2005)


Though an excellent film, Munich loses points for not centering around an Olympian or the Olympics. The story begins during the 1972 Munich Olympics, with the tragic event where 11 Israeli Olympic athletes were killed by Palestinian terrorists. An Israeli assassination team is put in place to take revenge on those responsible for the killings, but the assassins have to battle with the morality of taking vengeance.
Final Results: Disqualified, for the purposes of this list, for being almost the anti-Olympics spirit movie.

13. Personal Best (1982)


This movie is one of the two on this list directed by Robert Towne, and marks his directorial debut. During the 1980 Moscow Olympics, two female rivals fall in love on the road to the competition.
Final Results: Silver

14. Prefontaine (1997)


This biopic starring Jared Leto follows track star Steve Prefontaine’s inspiring and tragic story. A tad melodramatic, this film is overshadowed by Without Limits, the second Prefontaine movie (which came out only a year later).
Final Results: Silver