10 (Mostly) Dubious Revelations from Will Ferrell's Reddit AMA

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10 (Mostly) Dubious Revelations from Will Ferrell's Reddit AMA

Will Ferrell  did his first ever Reddit AMA today in an effort to promote Cancer for College, which helps provide college scholarships for cancer survivors. Depending on how much you donate, you’ll be rewarded with various Ferrell-related prizes, such as his own brand of sunscreen ($80), a signed cowbell ($400) or even a personalized video message ($1500).

While recent comedy titans like Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Murray chose to give thoughtful insightful answers to the Reddit-verse’s never-ending stream of questions, Ferrell opted to joke around and it was every bit as entertaining.

Here are some highlights:

1. He Did All His Own Stunts in Elf


You know that intense scene where he downs a plate full of spaghetti covered in syrup, candy and marshmallows? ALL FERRELL.

Yes, I actually ate syrup on spaghetti. Multiple takes, multiple times.

He also understands, and isn’t surprised by, the role the movie has played in the lives of so many:


2. It Came Down to Ferrell and Tobey Maguire for the Lead in Spider-Man

Despite Ferrell’s ubiquity over the past 15 years, he’s curiously never dabbled in the realm of superhero films (unless you count Ron Burgundy as a super hero), a genre with an ascension in popularity that has paralleled that of the Anchorman star since he left Saturday Night Live. What few know is that Ferrell initially tried to hitch his star to the Marvel franchise, auditioning for the lead in the original Spider-Man in 2002.

It was down to me or Tobey Maguire for Spider-Man and they harshly told me I was too fat for the suit. That having been said, every time I watch Spider-Man I still think I was the better actor for the role.

What could have been…

3. Pearl Followed Through With Her Eviction Threat

Yes, she absolutely did. I lived in an abandoned bus for 6 months behind a casino in the City of Commerce. She’s a hateful person.

4. The Famous Drum Testicles from Step Brothers Were Actually Modeled After Those of Daniel-Day Lewis

Those were not based on my testicles. However, Oscar winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis allowed his balls to be examined for the prosthetic balls to be made.
Side note: Those are, no joke, $10,000 worth of prosthetic balls that you see in that movie.

Don’t worry. Daniel-Day Lewis’ testicles do not appear in the following clip:

5. Spider-Man Wasn’t the Only Blockbuster Ferrell Tried to Shoehorn His Way Into

When a Redditor brought up how Jennifer Lawrence’s slowed-down voice sounds eerily similar to Will Ferrell’s, suggesting that Ferrell take over the franchise:

I approached the producers of The Hunger Games franchise and asked them exactly about this. They said, “That’s a ridiculous proposal for you to think you could take over her role Katniss Everdeen. However, we are thinking about using you to re-voice her for future Hunger Games movies and you will definitely get to star in our Hunger Games McDonald’s campaign.

...At least we have the McDonald’s campaign to look forward to, then.

6. He’s Going to Lay Down Some Beats and Climb Some Trees with Snoop Dogg…Maybe a California Oak


7. He Divulged His Two Favorite SNL Sketches to Work On

“Cowbell” is no surprise. Other than that? Playing Harry Caray in “Space the Infinite Frontier” with Jeff Goldblum.

8. We Always Knew Full House was a Little Too Wholesome to be True


Craziest Hollywood party was probably at the house of Dave Coulier right at the height of the Full House madness. This would’ve been ‘92. I was 2 years out of college.

When pressed to reveal the craziest Hollywood party he’s ever been to, Ferrell’s response was surprising. We’ve long known that Bob Saget is one of the raunchiest stand-up comedians in the game, but Dave Coulier? There’s no telling how much deeper the rabbit hole of Full House fast living goes.

9. Make Sure You Don’t Try to Carry On a Bottle of Sex Panther

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 9.57.59 AM.png

Advice from Ferrell:

Word to the wise, do not try to sneak Sex Panther by TSA officials. They don’t appreciate it.

Also: Consult a doctor if Sex Panther actually comes into contact with your skin. Simply being in the same room as an uncorked bottle for around five minutes is enough to produce the desired effect…60% of the time, anyway.

10. There’s Actually No Will Ferrell, He’s Been Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer Chad Smith the Whole Time

It has been acknowledged many times that myself and Chad Smith, drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, share a resemblance to each other. A lot of people think that it’s me playing for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But that would be an insult to Chad Smith. The truth of the matter is there is no Will Ferrell. Only Chad Smith.

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