8 Great Instances of Bill Murray Being Bill Murray

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By now, you’ve probably seen the video of Bill Murray, clad in a gray fishing vest, imparting some serious wisdom on a group of tipsy bros celebrating their buddy’s bachelor party. For some, it may seem like a heartwarming story of a celebrity taking the time to interact with gushing fans. But for those who are familiar with the actor’s rather eccentric habits, this is just another installment of the Bill Murray Variety Hour.

That’s right, The Grand Budapest Hotel star has a history of this type behavior—showing up in odd places, wearing odd articles of clothing and just generally being odd in public. There’s even a blog out there that accepts submissions from fans who have had hilarious interactions with Murray in which he refuses to be photographed, supposedly ending the encounters with a snide “No one will ever believe you.”

We’ve assembled a list of Murray’s seven most puzzling, raunchy and downright silly instances of shenanigans for which hard evidence exists. We can only imagine what he’s gotten away with that hasn’t been plastered across the endless cork board that is the internet.

1. Bartends during SXSW 2010 in Austin, Texas

During the 2010 South By Southwest festival, Murray rolled into an Austin institution accompanied Wu-Tang figureheads RZA and GZA and meandered his way behind the bar to serve drinks to the adoring public. There was one catch though: no matter what each patron ordered, Murray served them a nice, tall shot of tequila. But don’t take my word for it, let this starstruck bar employee tell you his side of the story.

2. Sports PBR pants while playing in a golf tournament

Flashy attire often plays a key role in Murray’s various escapades. While participating in a Jacksonville, Fla. golf tournament, Murray rocked golf trousers bearing the logo of everybody’s favorite cheap, American beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon.

3. Parties with students in Scotland, doesn’t forget to clean up after

Perhaps the best news to come out of this story is that we know Bill Murray is not just a wisecracking funnyman; he’s also a gracious guest. Murray reportedly traveled to a Scottish house party with a 22-year-old Norwegian student and was a hit, drinking vodka out of a coffee cup. He then stuck around and helped the college kids do the dishes.

4. Caught driving a golf cart under the influence in Sweden


The Guardian reported in 2007 that Murray was detained by Swedish police for operating a golf cart while under the influence of alcohol in Stockholm. Murray must have downed a few too many Suntory whiskeys and took to the streets. He reportedly refused a breathalyzer test, too, citing “American legislation.”

5. Recites poetry to a crew of New York construction workers

While its new location was under construction, New York poetry library Poets House enlisted Murray to help raise crew morale. He did this by offering a few stone-faced recitations of poems by the likes of Emily Dickinson and Billy Collins. Murray also threw in a few self-deprecating jokes for good measure. Check it out below.

6. Arrives to Cannes premiere in glorious suit, takes pictures with tiny camera

Murray made a colorful splash at the Cannes premiere of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, sporting this hodgepodge of a plaid suit and proceeding to mock the droves of onlooking paparazzi by producing a minuscule camera of his own. Looking chummy, he snapped numerous shots of his cast mates.

7. Rounds the bases during minor league rain delay

It’s no secret that baseball players like to have a little fun during rain delays, but it’s not everyday that Bill Murray gets in on the action. During a 2012 delay at the home field of minor league club the Charleston RiverDogs (of which he is a co-owner), Murray took to the field and rounded the bases atop the tarp, much to the amusement of the crowd. He capped it off with a gutsy slide through home and a energetic “Safe” signal. Don’t ever change, Bill.

8. Performs a karaoke cover of “House of the Rising Sun”

Earlier this year Murray was in Florida for the 14th annual Caddyshack Charity Golf Game. At his Caddyshack-themed restaurant, Murray Bros. Caddyshack, there is a stage…and a microphone. The rest is history.

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