The 50 Best Movie Song Moments

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Some movies stick with us for a lifetime; we relate to characters, find ourselves intrigued by twists and turns within the plot and are in awe of unique aspects in cinematography. There are plenty of elements needed to make a great film—amazing actors, directors with an eye for detail and, of course, the soundtrack. The soundtrack plays a major role in making or breaking a movie. Just think back to some of your favourite movies and the scenes you will never forget. Do you remember the song that was playing in the background? Of course you do, because it intensified the moment!

We decided to compile a list of some of our favorite movie song moments for you to revisit and perhaps plan your next movie marathon around!

50. K-911 – “I Feel Good” by James Brown

Ok, so K-911 wasn’t Jim Belushi’s best work, but that doesn’t matter because his four-legged pal Jerry Lee made up for it. Spotting a snazzy-looking poodle in a car, Jerry Lee makes his move and enjoys a few romantic minutes with her, doggy-style.

When he’s finally finished doing his deed, he gets out of the car feeling reaaaal good, and lets the whole world know by doing a bit of a victory run through the park.

49. 10 Things I Hate About You – “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G

As far as High School movies go, 10 Things I Hate About You wasn’t half bad. Sure, it has the exemplary, preppy Miss Popular fighting over her reign with Miss I’m-Pissed-Off-At-The-World, but the balance here is just right.

The shallow experience of Bianca (Larisa Oleynik), aka Miss Popular, can work on our nerves sometimes, but her sister, Kat (Julia Stiles), is actually pretty entertaining in all her gloomy glory. We wouldn’t have described her as particularly sexy though … that’s until she climbs up on a table and works some ’90s twerking magic to Biggie’s “Hypnotize.”

48. Crazy – “Temper” by Pelzig

Crazy is a German film based on the book by Benjamin Lebert. The book and film recount his experiences as a teenager in boarding school. His left arm and leg are paralyzed, but it doesn’t stop him from tagging along with the other guys when they go jumping off of diving boards, and sneaking out to see strippers.

He makes a few good friends in his roommate Janosch (Tom Schilling), and the silent Troy (Can Talyanlar). Troy doesn’t really speak at all, and mostly stays in his own little world. That’s what makes this scene so perfect—he’s still not talking but in the way he’s pounding his air guitar he’s making it pretty damn clear what he’s feeling.

47. Lords of Dog Town – “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix

Lords of Dog Town gave us an authentic feel of the Californian skateboard culture; we really felt the characters and the adrenaline as we watched them grinding rails, skating empty pools and turning tricks on their decks.

We also felt Emile Hirsch, shirtless and charming as ever, performing some kind of mating dance in an attempt to woo Kathy (Nikki Reed). Busting some tribal moves to the purple hazing master of the electric guitar, he really knew how to spark a “Fire” in her, à la Hendrix.

46. Footloose – “Never” by Moving Pictures

We often find ourselves having to adapt to new cultures, beliefs and traditions when moving to a new town. In most cases, we readily accept and perhaps even embrace these changes. What if you moved to a town where dancing was strictly prohibited, though? Would you fight the law or would you forever walk the streets with itchy feet?

In this scene of Footloose, we get to see just how much frustration the no-dancing-law is causing Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon), and how he finds release in an abandoned warehouse, accompanied by Moving Pictures.

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