The 50 Best Movie Song Moments

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5. Mulholland Drive – “Llorando” by Rebekah del Rio

Mulholland Drive is one of David Lynch’s most memorable movies on several accounts. Moving between a world of dreams and alternate realities, it was described by A. O Scott of The New York Times as “an intoxicating liberation from sense, with moments of feeling all the more powerful for seeming to emerge from the murky night world of the unconscious.”

Lynch is an artist in every sense of the word and his own fascination for music makes itself present in all of his movies. His films and series are always marked by key songs such as Julee Cruise’s “Falling” (Twin Peaks), Trent Reznor’s “Driver Down” (Lost Highway) and, in Mulholland Drive, Rebekah del Rio’s “Llorando.”

4. Holy Motors – “Let my Baby Ride” by R.L Burnside

There is absolutely nothing ordinary about Holy Motors. Every moment spent following Mr. Oscar’s (Denis Lavant) every move promises a new surprise. Especially the scene where Mr. Oscar appears playing an accordion.

It feels more like an interlude rather than a part of the plotline, but the energy of “Let my Baby Ride” being performed by at least ten accordionists and various other musicians led by Mr. Oscar is truly indescribable.

3. Wayne’s World – “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen

This is another one for all you nineties kids! We were all dead impressed with the opening credits of Wayne’s World, when Wayne (Mike Myers) puts a tape of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” on in the car.

Much like an incredibly stoned, hard-rock version of Queen, Wayne and his friends sing along en route to their next adventures.

2. Trainspotting – “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed

There are so many memorable scenes in Trainspotting, including the charming toilet dive and spider-baby Dawn. None of them were quite as moving as Mark Renton’s (Ewan McGregor) overdose and his newfound affection for his dealer’s carpet.

Everything about this scene fits together perfectly: Lou Reed’s voice and the overall depressing vibe floating amidst the backdrop of a blue-lipped junkie being dragged out into Kingdom Estate, on a miserable, grey, Edinburgian “Perfect Day.”

1. Pulp Fiction – “Misirlou” by Fred Wise, Milton Leeds, S.K Russell, Nicholas Dick Dale & His Del-Tones Roubanis

Pumpkin and Honey Bunny must be the most gangster couple since Bonnie and Clyde. We can literally see them getting off on the idea of robbing the diner they are in, and when they finally take to the tables we are surprised to see that little Miss Honey Bunny is not half as delicate as she looks.

Since the release of Pulp Fiction in 1994, we are incapable of having lunch in a diner without thinking of this scene and excitedly humming the tune of “Misirlou.”

There are plenty more movies we would have loved to add to this list, but unfortunately we were unable to find videos. Requiem for a Dream and Clint Mansell’s “Tense/Beginning of the End,” Run Lola Run and Franka Potente & Thomas D.’s “I Wish,” and of course Natural Born Killers and Bob Dylan’s “You Belong to Me”—you were not forgotten!

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