5 TV Scenes That Had You All In Your Feelings This Week: 'Resistance Is Futile'

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5 TV Scenes That Had You All In Your Feelings This Week: 'Resistance Is Futile'

As the madness of the Fall TV season approaches, we have to give it up for some pretty amazing summer shows. Some people spent these paste couple of months traveling abroad, or in their Hamptons summer homes, or hitting up every musical festival within (or out of) reach, but some of us stayed home and live-tweeted The Strain, because we love TV. Props to us! And props to these shows for bringing us one more week of awesome. These are our picks for the five TV scenes that had you all in your feelings during the week of August 31.

1. Doctor Who: The Dalek grows a heart… sort of


After being minimized and sent into The Dalek body (let’s follow The Doctor’s lead and call him “Rusty” from here on out), The Doctor, Clara, Journey and a few other human soldiers find themselves fighting against the creature’s deadly immune system, which consists of groups of floating orbs that will eviscerate anything they perceive as a threat to the body. In the process, the group learns why Rusty turned good—he saw beauty. Specifically, he saw the birth of a star, and realized that life will continue to go onward, and that the Daleks’ attempt to destroy it all is futile (one of The Dalek’s initial phrases back in their ‘60s iteration was “resistance is useless,” which was later re-purposed by Star Trek’s The Borg as “resistance is futile” in the ‘80s; The Dalek uses the “futile” line… which can’t help but feel like a betrayal).—Mark Rozeman (Read the full review here

2. The Strain: RIP Jim


“Creatures of the Night” is essentially a bottle episode, with Eph, Nora, Jim and Setrakian breaking their way into a gas station to find supplies, and incidentally running into Fet and hacker Jax… With this newly created team, the group uses their silver bullets, nails, and UV lights to fight off the strigoi at their gas station base. After one interaction with the strigoi, Sean Astin’s Jim gets one of the vampiric worms under his skin. Once Eph dissects the worm from Jim’s cheek, it is discovered that there are even more worms, which leads to Fet shooting Jim in the head, before things go too far.—Ross Bonaime (Read the full review here.)

3. Garfunkel and Oates: The hair swap theory, debunked


In a standout scene, Riki flirts with two bar patrons, Charlie and Jordan (Nanjiani and Ray), but her sexy quips are quickly dismissed as awkward banter. She realizes this immediately, and attempts to hold their attention by inventing a string of quirky interests (including a love for paddle boats) that is a dead-on imitation of Kate. The men are charmed, but her treatment is undeniably second-tier. Kate, on the other hand, channels Riki with incredible success. She dials up her sassiness, demands attention, and ends up going home with Charlie. Although, in a laughable moment of self-deprecation, Kate’s character falls asleep during sex. As she explains the next morning, it was past her bedtime, adding an asterisk to the hair swap theory. That is, a new hairstyle might affect how you’re perceived by others, but it will not change who you really are.—Maren McGlashan (Read the full review here.)

4. The Bridge: The part where everyone dies?


As the war between Fausto and Sebastian Cerisola came to a head, Fausto employed his favorite problem-solving solution: kill everyone…

Eleanor is spared, but only because Fausto gives the order to have her tortured before she dies. It certainly seems like Charlotte and Joe are dead, and Hank is left fighting for his life. As much as I love Annabeth Gish (have been a fan since Mystic Pizza, but who hasn’t), Charlotte Millright has run her course as a character. All season long it seemed like the show was trying to jam her into the overall story line which is too bad, because she was a character with great potential last season.

But Hank? We can’t lose Hank. Not when he and Sonya have so much unfinished business. Can you imagine what Hank’s death would do to Sonya? Ted Levine is a grounding force in the series. The show would not be the same without him.—Amy Amatangelo (Read the full review here

5. Houdini: Magic up in Russia

Keri Lumm offered up a video recap of the special, and her vivd descriptions are enough to make you head to The History Channel right now in hopes of catching the rerun. There were many exciting scenes, but the Russian bell magic trick was one of Lumm’s personal favorites. Hear her rave about it around the 2:14 mark.

The new week starts with tonight’s shows! Tweet us if something epic happens!

Shannon M. Houston is Assistant TV Editor at Paste, and a New York-based freelance writer with probably more babies than you. You can follow her on Twitter.