The 20 Best Myths Tested On Mythbusters

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The 20 Best Myths Tested On <i>Mythbusters</i>

When this past season of Mythbusters ended, so did an era. Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara, the erstwhile “Build Team,” are no longer part of the show. After Mythbusters started as a vehicle for Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, Tory, Kari, and Grant soon became an integral part of the show, handling their own myths in most episodes whilst bringing a unique energy and dynamic to the show. This trio will be missed, but in their decade on the show they tackled some tremendously fun myths. In honor of the Build Team’s tenure coming to an end, here are the best myths these three ever took on. Thanks for all the good times, guys, and good luck on your future ventures.

20. Cruise Ship Waterskiing

This was a small part of the Mythbusters’ “Special Supersized Myths” episode, which also showed The Build Team blowing stuff over with a jet engine. While that bit was cool (a school bus went flying through the air), it wasn’t quite as cool as the sight of Tory waterskiing behind an actual cruise ship. Supersized, indeed.

19. Elevator Car Cut

Seth Rogen’s The Green Hornet movie may not have had much success, but at least it led to a rather good episode of Mythbusters. In this myth, the gang built a replica of the car from the film, shot it up with bullets, and then tried to cut it in half with an elevator surrogate. That didn’t end up working, but then they cut a car in half, briefly drove it around, and then modified it further so that Tory was able to drive it for an extended period of time at 20 miles per hour. A silver lining stemming for a blockbuster bomb, if there ever was one.

18. Lane Weave

This myth came from the trio’s penultimate episode, but it doesn’t involve any fancy explosions, or crazy builds. It was a much more practical assessment of whether or not there is a difference between weaving through traffic on the freeway, and staying in one lane. The mythbusting experiment was an interesting one to watch, with a result that had actual relevance to those of us who will never try and drive half a car. Along with their experiment about whether it’s faster to fly or to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, this was also a window into the excellent camaraderie that the three had built up over the years. It is that dynamic that will be missed.

17. Cheese Cannon

These guys seemed to build an inordinate amount of cannons. Ice cannons, duct tape cannons, and so on and so forth. So why does Cheese Cannon make the list while the others don’t? Because they shot wheels of cheese out of a cannon! Not only that, the cheese actually put a whole in a ship’s sail, confirming the myth. It wasn’t their most impressive cannon myth, but it was the most enjoyable.

16. The Flying Guillotine

Sure, a myth about building a weapon that can decapitate a person, and bring the head back to you is a bit grim. But it made for a good myth. It was one of many times where Grant, Kari, and Tory competed to create their own designs, and things culminated with Tory putting his winning design to the test in a makeshift ninja battle. Violent, but fun.

15. Sawdust Cannon


The “big booms” are synonymous with Mythbusters, but some of us don’t necessarily get overly excited about something going up in a big explosion or fireball. That being said, Sawdust Cannon is still awesome, because the result was so unexpectedly massive. In particular, when the gang made a bigger cannon, and filled it with non-dairy creamer, it created perhaps the most iconic fire in the show’s history. Sometimes, bigger is better.

14. Christmas Myths
A handful of myths tied into this one. First, there was the test to see if a frozen turkey could crush a human foot, or a small pet. The experiment involving the latter led to the great Kari Byron line, “That is messed up!” Then they tested different ways to keep a Christmas tree fresh and green. It was simple, but interesting, and there was some good humor in it as well. For example, we learned that Viagra might be good for a Christmas tree.

13. Fireworks Man
Fireworks Man is one of the myths that got revisited during the show’s run. The myth involved a man attaching 400 rockets to himself and flying 150 feet off a ramp before landing safely in a lake. The first time around, they got Buster the crash test dummy, off the ramp. But he crashed well before reaching 150 feet. When they revisited it, they tested with NASA, used 500 fireworks, got Buster to fly a whopping 700 feet, and changed the verdict from “Busted” to “Confirmed.” Science in action, and also a dummy with 500 fireworks attached to him.

12. Underwater Blow Dart


Mythbusters sometimes took on experiments concerning ninjas, superheroes, and frivolous things like that. But they often led to some of the better myths. With Underwater Blow Dart the Build Team got to play ninjas, hiding underwater while trying to hit their targets with a blow gun. Every aspect of the test provided something interesting, even if they never put all of the pieces together at once.

11. Snowplow Flips Car

The earliest myth on this list (from a 2006 episode), this became one of the most notable experimental procedures for The Build Team, as it led to the infamous curse of the snowplow. All Grant, Kari, and Tory had to do was test whether or not a high speed snowplow passing a car could cause the car to flip over. But they ran into a host of problems with the plow, which added some serious drama to the proceedings. The final result wasn’t all that exciting, but the process was memorable.