The 15 Best Puns in Bob's Burgers

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5. I thought we decided on ‘Period Piece.’ Bob, “Boyz 4 Now”

After making it to the final round in the tablescaping competition, Gene terrifies the judge with his “Menstru-rant” display. Then comes Bob’s remark about calling the hasty entry a “Period Piece.” Bob’s aside to Linda doesn’t just kill because it’s a great pun, but also because the display is so grotesque (there are tampons and pads smeared with strawberry jam), that a more refined title would have had no effect on its reception.


4. Let’s Scissor! Collage Studio Store Next Door, “Lindapendent Woman”

With a quick and powerful pun, the store next door shows us how it’s done again. This pun is fantastic because it doesn’t poke fun at gay women—it plays with words instead of orientation. Plus, Let’s Scissor makes sense, as cutting stuff up is an essential part of collage. Flawless.


3. Hey, Jennifer Slowpez, get the hell out of the road! Linda, “Food Truckin’”

When Linda gets into the food truck’s driver’s seat, she notices that the vehicle is “big and intimidating,” and doesn’t know if she should drive it. That truck changes Linda. Her transition into road rage is immediate, and she screams at a handicapped pedestrian. Linda’s insult sets the perfect stage for the Belcher family’s Lolla-Pa-Foods-A Festival road trip.


2. Talk about Encyclopedia Brown. Tina, “Broadcast Wagstaff School News”

Once Tina starts covering the Mad Pooper’s trail, a slew of puns arise, such as Linda’s “Butt-Ler.” However, the episode’s best pun comes from Tina’s conversation with the custodian, when she learns that the mysterious poop made it to the library’s reference section. Tina’s comment isn’t vulgar; she simply realizes the connection between encyclopedias and poop (Brown, brown).


1. Yeah, well, that was just a stool sample. Josh, “Two for Tina”

After asking Tina to his school dance, Josh bikes to Wagstaff to pick her up—another pun, since he both flirts with her and lifts her into the air. Tina says that Josh literally picking her up is “like being on a romantic stool,” which is a strange compliment, but he knows how to make it smooth. Josh’s flirtatious rebuttal is spectacular because it’s a poop joke without the poop. This makes it, quite possibly, the most sophisticated poop joke I’ve ever heard.