Doomed! You're All Doomed!: All 12 Friday the 13th Movies, Ranked

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Doomed! You're All Doomed!: All 12 <em>Friday the 13th</em> Movies, Ranked

Other than the sheer number of them, the most remarkable thing about the Friday the 13th movies is that not a single one is very good. But after 36 years, 12 movies, more than 200 deaths, and adventures that span from space to hell, the series has carved out its own niche.

and even in death he still finds a way to keep it going. Here, on Friday the 13th, is our ranked guide to all 12 movies so far—some surprisingly decent, others so legendarily awful it’s hard to believe they exist (here’s to you, Jason X!).

12. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1988)

Obligatory Plot: Yet again Jason is willed back to life by an errant zap of electricity, and he hasn't changed. Per the series tradition of totally misleading titles, two-thirds of the action takes place on a boat before they reach NYC.
Death Count: 21
Money Shot:&nbsp;Once he eventually does make it to Manhattan, a group of thugs threatens Jason, but in a classic move, he turns around, takes off his mask and glowers at them until they run away screaming.
Verdict: Jason on a Boat is somehow worse than Jason in Space. Sweet trailer, though. &lt;br&gt; &nbsp;