Is this the Sound of Settling? A Playlist for Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel's Wedding

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Ben Gibbard  and Zooey Deschanel tied the knot this past weekend after a fairly subdued nine-month engagement. It was the nuptial ceremony heard 'round the blogosphere; music-lovers of both genders tore their cardigans and hoodies from their bodies in mourning, their soulmate now wed to another.

Yeah, there something a little bit cutesy and saccharine-sweet about this pairing. As the reigning royalty of indie-dom, it's impossible to put aside the mental image of them cozied up in knit sweaters, dozing off at 8:30 p.m. with their socks on. But is this the life they've chosen, or is it, as Mr. Gibbard so heart-achingly phrased it, "the sound of settling?" Or did he finally think of something charming to say? Moreover, B-dawg, we happen to have our hands on a fairly incriminating confession, penned by you, about where your relationships rank compared to your music. Just sayin'.

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