Five New Random Websites That Make Me a Better Person

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3) Being tone deaf and reluctant to admit ignorance when not knowing a song on the radio, this site offers a very cool little tool where you can sing or even hum a tune in order to search for it. Allows me to keep my cool guy, music guru, know-it-all rep intact.

2) A new, simple way to share music for technophobes. My first pass at making a mix tape since 1988. Great Times.

1) : Having lived through the late '90s, where it seemed the sole use of the Internet was to send endless pics of cute animals with inspirational sayings, this refreshingly irreverent, no holds barred blog where the author "tells cute animals what's what" gives me hope that eventually people will restrain themselves from constantly forwarding the e-version of a "Hang In There" kitty poster. Yes, that means you, Mom! (Thanks to our intrepid reporter Buckshot Johnson for the link.)

I made a Venn Diagram that explains this site's briliance: Hang In There

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