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Lately the CD pile has been swelling to unsustainable proportions.  Sweet Talk receives anywhere from 50-75 a week and has been lagging behind separating the wheat from the chaff.

Here is what the last few months harvest reaped; in other words these are a few of the albums that I can not bring myself to pull out of the playlist.

Sarah Borges & Broken Singles The Stars Are Out: the good parts of Sheryl Crow's sound without the LA pop suckdom. The fact that she is a bona fide Masshole makes her even that more lovable. Rating: Four Wicked Pissahs

Elvis Perkins  In Dearland Elvis Perkins In Dearland: album is no different. A little sloppy cajun, a pinch of Pete Seeger, dash of Tex-Mex, som and a box of lost Kink's demos. While all the songs are worth inclusion the true standout is "Hey". Much like his peer M. Ward's recent sound with She & Him, this track is timeless. A Roy Orbinson tinged banger floating in a dusty crate of lost 45's from the basement.  Go grab it.

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears Tell 'Em What Your Name Is!wait....Sharon Jones...uuum, James Brown... hell it's the soul of Joe Lewis. Yes the comparisons are easy, and his wattage at SXSW was white hot, but it ain't hype if you can make hips roll and ankles slide the way these boys do. Blazing down the road alongside the likes of Eli Paper Boy Reed and The Dap Kings, BJL&TH can make listeners break out into a sonic sweat just by listening to tracks like "Boogie" & "Gunpowder." The great Paul Pena would have been thoroughly impressed.

PS - If you can find a copy of the advance, check out "Bitch, I Love You" for some heavy and hard and "Cousin Randy" for some front porch Lightning Hopkins which were left off the official release. Some down and real dirty. Kids beware.