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Our loyal readers like to keep us posted on the coming and goings around Sweet Talk's homebase while I'm "at Large" playing music critic. Not surprisingly, they feel the best way to stay abreast of the local crew is to read the Gloucester Police Blotter.

If you are lucky enough to be featured in the weekly who's who, you infamously become, in typical Masshole parlance where "R's" go to die, Glostah Blottah Foddah!

Thanks to Will W. for this gem from last week:

Police were called to Centennial Avenue at 6:35 pm Thursday on 
reports that somebody was riding an air mattress down the street.  
Police arrived to find a man with a homemade hovercraft powered by a 
leaf blower.  He told police it was a prop for the Fiesta Greasy Pole 
events with a Jetsons theme and he was testing it out

Yes. These are my people!

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