Lost Review: "The Variable" (Episode 5.14)

TV Features
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This week's episode of Lost revealed a whole different side of Daniel Faraday. We've oscillated before about the true nature of the physicist to no avail. We decided he's mostly a decent guy, barring the whole experimenting-on-his-girlfriend-then-running-away-when-her-brain-turned-to-mush thing. In the past, he's just seemed lost and confused, and since he has those big, earnest puppy eyes we decided to forgive him.

But "The Variable" showed us the dynamic at the heart of Faraday's stuttering vulnerability. Like all broken superheroes and Freudian beings, the man has mommy issues. This week we dove inside the relationship between Daniel and Mrs. Faraday (or, as we know her, Mrs. Hawking) growing up.

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