All the Words Are Yours: Photographs of Haiku About Love

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<i>All the Words Are Yours</i>: Photographs of Haiku About Love

Tyler Knott Gregson shares the story behind his new poetry collection with Paste.

What started as a simple challenge, quickly grew into a promise I never intended on being able to keep. I wanted to write, every single day, a simple haiku that dove deeper into the entire idea of love. Over 6 years later, I haven’t missed a day. Now, for the first time, we’ve compiled some of my favorites—some of those that have resonated the most with people, and some brand new that no one has ever read.

I am a visual person; I always have been. So when it came to putting this book together, I wanted the book to represent that (and my awful and apparently unique handwriting that people have responded to).

Here are a few pieces from the new book, All The Words Are Yours: Haiku on Love.