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Dr. Anne Paris

Cultivating creativity

What is an artist’s greatest fear? The paralyzing enemy called creative block.

But should it really be feared? Could it actually be one’s greatest defense against self-destruction?

Drawing from her experience working with thousands of artists, Dr. Anne Paris suggests that deep psychological fears hinder creativity, and that creative blocks are actually attempts at self-preservation. Much like a therapy session, Paris counsels artists on how to understand their fears, based on childhood experiences and assumptions about the future. Paris also abandons the notion that artists need isolation to create, and argues that connection with others is crucial during the creative process.

More than a plethora of quick fix-it tips, Paris works from the inside out, suggesting ways to break down the defenses that hold artists back from true immersion with their greatest love. Upon finishing the book, they’ll feel more understood, and ready to close their eyes and dive head first into the unknown abyss of creation.