Maria Qamar Pairs Gorgeous Art with Hilarious Advice in Trust No Aunty

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Maria Qamar Pairs Gorgeous Art with Hilarious Advice in <i>Trust No Aunty</i>

Artist Maria Qamar delivers hilarious, tongue-in-cheek advice in her new book, Trust No Aunty. As a self-professed “aunty-survivor,” Qamar combines her striking illustrations with tips on how to navigate the drama aunties inevitably bring into our lives.

So who exactly is an aunty? Qamar defines this force of nature as any older woman who “enters your house with plans to take over your life,” from “trying to get you married to their sons” to “telling you to lose weight while simultaneously trying to feed you a second dinner.” Her full-color book proves both fun and insightful, making it the perfect read for Desi* girls (and everyone else) seeking to express their individuality while they’re at odds with an older generation.

Browse the gallery to view some of Qamar’s art paired with excerpts from the book. And check out @Hatecopy on Instagram to see more of her illustrations.

*Desi: a person of Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi birth who lives abroad.