The Best Comic Book Covers of December 2014

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The Best Comic Book Covers of December 2014

To celebrate the gorgeous visual innovation occurring in comic stores online and off, Paste selects its favorite comic book covers every month. Here were our picks for October and November.

December belongs to Darwyn Cooke and his variant covers celebrating various corners of the DC Universe. As soon as I saw these solicitations, I emailed the publisher to ask if there were plans to release the covers as prints, because I would buy most of them. Cooke’s style feels like some sparkling amalgamation of Bruce Timm, Fleischer Studios’ timeless Superman cartoons and the kinetic movement of Jack Kirby. It rings classic in a way that escapes so much other art that pays homage to the silver age. The Teen Titans jam session cover especially evokes all manner of awesome, like a British Invasion fanzine with 100% more spandex and lycra.

This month also presents some great painted covers as well. Mike Del Mundo’s been killing it on Elektra; the color contrast between the blue, black and red on issue nine is simply stunning. Phil Noto’s work on Black Widow #13 also plays with hazy, wet textures that cast a dream-like gauze over the queen of international espionage.