15 Binge-Worthy Young Adult Book Series That Ended in 2016

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11. Radio Hearts by Ashley Poston

The books in Poston's duology follow different stories, but they possess similar themes, music, and lots of swooning. In The Sound of Us, a teen girl is stuck running her father's music bar—a place that's failing to do any business and is dragging her down with it. But when a disgraced pop star shows up and the two of them start falling for one another, she's suddenly thrust into a very unwanted spotlight.

The companion novel, We Own the Night, follows a timid teen who transforms into a radio DJ called Niteowl when she's on the airwaves. It's a book about wrestling with identity, and it's splashed with music and romance. Believe me, you'll want to devour these books in a weekend.

12. The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey

In Yancey's series, mankind is on the brink of extinction. Aliens have long since invaded, hitting the planet with four waves of catastrophes. And the remaining humans must await the fifth wave in fear.

The series' protagonist is Cassie, a teen girl living in a refuge camp, comforted by the fact that her father and younger brother are thankfully still alive. But, as you can imagine with a sci-fi thriller like this one, things don't stay that way for long. And with mysterious human-looking aliens wandering the countryside, it's difficult to trust anyone. That's what makes this series so exciting; it has sci-fi elements and the thrills, sure, but wondering who to trust delivers the real chills.

The series has three books: The Fifth Wave, The Infinite Sea, and The Last Star. And after you've finished reading the first book, you could watch the movie.

13. Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley

Magonia, the first book in the duology, introduces a teen named Aza Ray who has a serious lung disease. Her medical condition has caused her to live an incredibly difficult life… until she's whisked to the world of Magonia in the clouds.

It's a realm of airships and sky pirates, where Aza can finally breathe easily and is gifted with incredible powers. But not everything is as it seems, and she discovers that the world in the sky and the world on the ground are on the brink of war.

The sequel, Aerie, came out last year, and you'll enjoy having your head in the clouds as you read these books.

14. The Selection by Kiera Cass

The best way to describe The Selection series is that it's reminiscent of The Bachelor… only it's in a fantasy world of castles, castes, and princesses. The actual ceremony that the series is named for, The Selection, is a contest where numerous girls compete to win the hand of the prince. And as the contest progresses, things get more complicated. The kingdom is at war, and the story gradually becomes less about the glamor and more about surviving an uprising.

Cass debuted the series in 2012 with The Selection, followed by The Elite (2013) and The One (2014). Then readers thought the series was over, but they were given quite the surprise when Cass released two more books, The Heir and last year's The Crown, which introduced fans to a new generation of characters. This is an incredibly fun bundle of books that delivers great banter and, of course, romance.

15. Lewis Creek by Michelle Smith

There's something magical about a good YA sports novel, and Smith's charming Lewis Creek series is one you shouldn't miss. In the first book, Play On, teen Austin Braxton has a bright future in baseball ahead of him—if he can pass his classes. When a new girl who loves sports and is something of a genius moves to town, the two of them help each other wrestle their demons.

The second novel, Game On, introduces a new cast of characters and also revolves around sports, romance, and the complicated choices that are a part of growing up. This duology is perfect if you love reading Miranda Kenneally (Catching Jordan) and Lauren Morrill (Being Sloane Jacobs).