A Deadly Adoption: A Video Recap of Ferrell and Wiig's Lifetime Movie

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Lifetime has shown that they not only do they have a sense of humor, but that they know how to produce an effective parody. A Deadly Adoption would seem like a completely typical Lifetime movie if not for the amazing cast, which features Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig.

The film is somewhat Sharknado-esque in that it is a parody, but while sometimes corny, it is less ridiculous than the SyFy original.

From the music to the cinematography to the heavy melodrama, you see all the hallmarks of a Lifetime movie, but it has the hilarity of knowing Lifetime is poking some fun at itself.

If you missed the movie, and don’t have time to catch up, watch our brief recap above. It’s the safest way to make A Deadly Adoption.

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