Watch an Exclusive Trailer for Adam Ruins Everything's Return

Comedy Features Adam Ruins Everything
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Watch an Exclusive Trailer for <i>Adam Ruins Everything</i>'s Return

Adam Ruins Everything returns to TruTV to ruin even more of everything on Nov. 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and Paste has the exclusive premiere of the new trailer. You can expect Adam Conover to set his sights on the gun control debate, the many ways in which airlines screw us over, the uncomfortable ubiquity of the mattress store, and more in this latest batch of eight episodes. You also might recognize a few faces along the way—this trailer includes cameos from Rick Overton, Mad TV’s Arden Myrin and more.

Before you dig into that trailer, though, let’s hear what Conover has to say about the show. Paste emailed the man a few questions, and in return he explained why he feels the need to shatter our illusions and misconceptions, while also drawing a firm distinction between how he ruins things and how certain people in positions of power today ruin things. Check those out and then watch the new Adam Ruins Everything trailer below.

Paste: Why do you need to ruin things?

Adam Conover: I’ll be honest—though I created a show in which I “ruin” everything by revealing hidden knowledge, it’s my belief deep-down that learning more makes everything better! Even though the characters whose lives I’m bursting into on the show express frustration at the horrible things I’m telling them, in the end we always show how learning the truth about the world around you can empower you and make your life better. Educating and informing the audience through comedy has become my personal mission, and it’s one I’m quite proud of.

Paste: What do you personally think is the most interesting subject you talk about this season?

Conover: We have an episode coming up that I just love called “Adam Ruins a Plate of Nachos”. At first, it sounds like a joke—how could I possibly spend a whole episode ruining a plate of nachos? But by focusing on each ingredient on the plate, we end up doing a really fascinating episode about the American food system. When the idea came out of writer’s room, it totally surprised and delighted me—that’s one of the best things about working with such talented creative people.

Paste: We’re two years into the Trump presidency. What’s even left to ruin at this point?

Conover: I’d say that the current administration and I “ruin” things in very different sense of the word. Our show is ultimately optimistic—we believe that the more we learn, the more we’re able to change the world for the better, even when things seem to be at their darkest. One of our experts, NYU climate scholar and philosopher Dale Jameison, said something I really love in “Adam Ruins Going Green”: He pointed out that no matter how bad things seem, we always have the choice today to try to make a better tomorrow. That’s a message and a set of values that we’ve woven through the show, and we’re proud to be able to share it with people on television.

Adam Ruins Everything returns to TruTV on Nov. 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.