Watch Amy Schumer Shut Down a Sexist Heckler During Stockholm Show

Comedy Video Amy Schumer
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Amy Schumer continues to kick ass and take names. When a sexist heckler interrupted her during her show at the Hovet Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, she stopped the show to call him out.

After the man yelled out, “Show us your tits,” Schumer replied by saying, “Okay, wait, I want the guy who just yelled ‘show us your tits’ to come up here. Everybody point at him, so I know which one.”

Members of the audience kindly obliged, pointing the man out for Schumer. He was wearing a shirt that read, “I love pussies,” so this whole confrontation seemed inevitable. When Schumer saw where he was sitting, she quickly struck up a conversation with the man. “What do you do for a living?” she asked. “Sales,” was his response.

“Sales? How’s that working out for you? Is it going well?” Schumer asked. “Because we’re not buying it. That’s really cute, but if you yell out again, you’re going to be yelling ‘show your tits’ to people in the parking lot, because you’re going to get thrown out, motherfucker.”

Of course, the man did yell out again, and Schumer kept her promise, removing him from the arena. When Schumer asked the audience if she should kick him out, they burst into applause. “I was about to go anyway,” he said. “We’re going to miss you so much. I already miss you,” she bit back.

Schumer’s willingness to confront people whose behavior she finds abhorrent is well documented. In fact, it was Schumer herself who posted the video of her encounter with this heckler. As she herself puts it, “I’ll show my tits when I want to.” Check out the full clip above, and be grateful for people like Amy Schumer.

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