Andy Daly Filibusters for Three-and-a-Half Hours for Laphroaig Scotch Whisky

Comedy Video Andy Daly
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Laphroaig Whisky draws a lot of opinions for its strong flavor. To get to all of them, Laphroaig has recruited Andy Daly to read “thousands of Americans’ opinions, good bad, and confused,” staged as a filibuster.

While we are irresponsible journalists who haven’t watched the entire thing yet, according to the press release that accompanies the video, Daly’s filibuster is actually a single, unbroken three-and-a-half-hour take of him reading real, unscripted opinions about the single-malt whisky.

Daly says at the end of the video, “We’ve heard a lot about dragons. I’ll never forget the cartoon whale or the bagpiper wrapped in bacon. Those are memories I’ll carry with me forever.” The funnyman also keeps a tally of how often iodine and band-aids are referenced. The press release also says that the video contains a “nod to some of the most (in)famous moments in American filibuster history (ahem, Huey Long & Wendy Davis),” so apparently there’s a lot of ground covered in that three-and-a-half hours.

You can watch Daly’s entire filibuster for Laphroaig above.

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