Watch Billy On The Street Bring This Is Us Cast Along

Comedy Video Billy On The Street
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For the first time in Billy on the Street’s long and storied history, the titular Billy hits the street with multiple cast members a single show. The show’s host Billy Eichner dragged along This is Us stars Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz and Justin Hartley as he ambushed New Yorkers of various dispositions. Both shows are up for a few Emmys, so the genius lizard people that run all of our country’s entertainment decided to team the two shows up for a BOTS “for your consideration” video.

The clip itself is classic Billy. In a manic frenzy, the comedian stalks through the streets of NYC shoving a microphone in people’s face and yelling, “This is us!” much to their confusion. As expected, we see a variety of reactions, from screaming, loyal fans of the show who are thrilled to meet the cast to stoic New Yorkers who couldn’t give less of a crap if they’d just eaten a Taco Bell gordita.

It’s all hilarious and in good fun, but it’s too bad that the This Is Us cast say almost nothing, and occasionally even just stare uncomfortably. Ventimiglia, in particular, looks like he’d rather go somewhere and weep softly than follow around this lunatic. To be fair, the cast is from a fairly serious drama, and it would have likely been uncomfortable to ask them to do much improv heavy lifting. All that said, it’s hardly noticeable as Billy steals the show.

Check out the hilarious clip above.