Listen to an Exclusive Clip from Chris Gethard's Beautiful/Anonymous Podcast

The First Anniversary Episode Is Out Tomorrow

Comedy Audio Chris Gethard
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Tomorrow marks the first birthday of Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People, Chris Gethard's anonymous call-in podcast. His inaugural caller, like many of his callers, was young and at a crossroads, dissatisfied with his life but at a total loss as to what to do about it. (Also, the doctor that delivered him as a baby was Ron Paul.) Over the course of their hourlong conversation, Gethard acted as both therapist and coach, ultimately delivering a rousing pep talk that ended with both of them screaming at each other. Then the call ended. As a This American Life segment recapping the episode summed it up later, "That was it. He and Chris never talked again."

Until now.

To celebrate the podcast's birthday, Gethard and his first caller got back in touch to discuss the interim year, how the podcast changed his life and whether he ended up going to that open mic. The episode debuts tomorrow, but we have an exclusive clip for you here. Enjoy.