Curb Your Enthusiasm Renewed for 10th Season

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<i>Curb Your Enthusiasm</i> Renewed for 10th Season

Curb Your Enthusiasm left the air for six years between its eighth and ninth seasons, and when it returned, it found its fans patiently waiting.

EW reports that HBO has renewed Curb for a 10th season, and quotes Larry David: “As I’ve said many times, when one has the opportunity to annoy someone, one should do so.” The show, which follows a fictionalized version of David as he interacts with fictionalized versions of other celebrities around Hollywood, has been an off-and-on fixture at HBO since it first debuted in 2000.

Executive producer Jeff Schaffer commented on why the renewal was so quick this time around: “The truth is, Larry had so much fun last season that he wants to do it again. Usually, at the end of a shoot, he’s absolutely sure he’s never doing it again. But this season was different, during our last days of shooting he was already thinking about reloading.”

Details are sparse thus far, but EW has one more quote from Schaffer about what the future might hold: “I wish I could tell you everything about next year because that would mean that we’re actually done writing it. But that is not the case. Here’s one thing I can tell you that did not happen. Larry wasn’t killed. He does not come back like in the movie Ghost and make sweet love to Cheryl at a Brentwood Color Me Mine.”

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