Watch a Teaser for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11, Coming to HBO in October

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Watch a Teaser for <i>Curb Your Enthusiasm</i> Season 11, Coming to HBO in October

It’s a little amazing that Curb Your Enthusiasm still exists. Larry David’s HBO comedy turns 22 in October, and a few days after that it returns for its 11th season. One of the originators of modern cringe comedy, David will no doubt embarrass the hell out of himself with great frequency once the show returns to HBO on Sunday, Oct. 24. And once again he’ll be joined by Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines, Susie Essman, J.B. Smoove, Ted Danson, and Richard Lewis. (RIP, Bob Einstein.)

There aren’t a lot of American TV shows that have lasted 22 years, especially ones that have only produced 100 episodes during that time. But then Curb is also probably the only American TV show that once went six years between seasons without ever being cancelled; it was never rebooted, it just took a long break for much of the ‘10s. It returned with its ninth season in 2017 before taking another short break, and with season 11 coming one year after season 10, the show has finally resumed a somewhat normal schedule. This is actually the first time Curb has launched new seasons in back-to-back years since its fourth and fifth seasons came out in 2004 and 2005. Larry David pretty much has the ideal career: he made a mint with a TV show he created in his 40s (uh, maybe you’ve heard of Seinfeld), and ever since gets to make new seasons of a show where he basically plays himself hanging out with real-life friends whenever he wants to. Who wouldn’t love to take six years off and then return to a job with creative freedom as if no time had passed? Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Here’s a trailer for the new season. It doesn’t show anything from any of the actual episodes, but it doesn’t need to. You’ve known exactly what to exact from Curb since the second or third episode, which makes it even more amazing that it’s somehow remained hilarious all this time. All we need to see is David’s face, and maybe hear a little bit of Luciano Michelini’s music, and we’re sold. That’s exactly what this teaser does.