The Funniest #GOPDebate Tweets From the Detroit Debate

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The Funniest #GOPDebate Tweets From the Detroit Debate

If Nixon’s sweating can make every high school history book, how will the future remember Trump talking about his dick during a debate?

No tweet or dick joke could be funnier than the end of tonight’s GOP debate, though, when, after a solid two hours of saying every horrible thing about Donald Trump that they could possibly say during prime time, every other candidate still swore they’d support Trump if he won the nomination. And that still maybe wasn’t even the funniest part of the night (that would be either Ted Cruz’s mouth booger or, y’know, a leading candidate bragging about the size of his dick within the first ten minutes) or the most tragic (um, literally every other part of the debate). If you’re able to find laughs in the suicide of America, these GOP debates have been like Airplane!, Richard Pryor and every good Simpsons episode rolled into one, and these top-notch tweets certainly helped all of us viewing at home. Tonight’s roll call: