Watch Jack McBrayer Play God on Devil May Care

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Watch Jack McBrayer Play God on Devil May Care

Are you ready to hear the voice of God? Don’t worry: it’s not some booming, unearthly trumpet blast that’s going to burst through your ear drums, or anything. It’s actually a pretty familiar voice, this time. Jack McBrayer voices the creator in Devil May Care, one of the shows in Syfy’s TZGZ animation block. Paste pal Alan Tudyk plays the devil in what is essentially a workplace sitcom about the inner workings of hell, and in this exclusive clip we see a flashback to the creation of a little place called Earth. Ever wonder where all those dinosaur bones come from, since, as we all know, the planet is only 6000 years old? Yep, the devil did it.

Jack McBrayer as God makes sense. It is good casting. I think anybody who made the journey from this world to the place above would be charmed and fascinated by an almighty who sounds just like Kenneth from 30 Rock. McBrayer has an inherently cheerful, friendly voice, and even when he’s not playing up a cornpone gullibility it still puts you at ease. This is a God I’d like to meet—a God I could take home to meet my mother.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s a short preview of Devil May Care, with McBrayer voicing a gleaming, golden Godhood for the ages. Devil May Care airs on Syfy at midnight on Saturdays.