John Oliver on Donald Trump: Take the Time to Watch This Entire Video

Comedy Video Donald Trump
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver had the same frightening realization the rest of us had over the last week: Donald Trump is almost guaranteed to be the presidential nominee of one of America’s two major political parties. This absurd clown of a man will most likely be one of two names on every ballot in every polling station in the country this November. He could even possibly win. It’s been easy to make fun of Trump during the campaign so far—way too easy, like people who have never written or even read a joke before could land a pretty good Trump zinger. It’s suddenly become very hard to joke about him, though, and what his racist, xenophobic, fascist platform could mean for America. Oliver basically wrestles with that same dilemma in this excellent and very long piece from last night’s episode. It’s mandatory viewing for anybody ready to just give up on America if Trump somehow actually wins.

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