The Funniest #TrumpCake Tweets

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The Funniest #TrumpCake Tweets

So, um, there was this cake? And it, um, looked like Trump’s face? But, like, sad? Which was, I don’t know, ironic? Because cake is, I guess, typically associated with joy? And celebration? And goodness and innocence in the world? But here was this cake that seemed to represent the opposite of all that? And also, by virtue of resembling Trump, represented a whole host of other things? Like, I don’t know, hatred and fear and ignorance and prejudice? And so the cake, sort of, immediately became a symbol? Of everything that’s fucked up about this election and the country and the world? And so a bunch of people did some tweets about it? And some of those tweets are those tweets right here? And some of those people are the people right there? And so the slowly spinning world slowly spins on, on, on into the night?


Seth Simons is Paste’s assistant comedy editor and the arbiter of which tweets are good tweets.