The Funniest Tweets about Trump's Fake National Emergency

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The Funniest Tweets about Trump's Fake National Emergency

Earlier today our least qualified and most blatantly incompetent and gas-filled president ever pulled a power grab that would’ve quickly sunk almost any other president, but since we’re living in the undead meat world of 2019 his party and the media at large are pretty much just going to let him get away with it. We are, of course, referring to Donald Trump’s decision to invoke a “national emergency” in order to allocate funds to build his unnecessary and fundamentally racist border wall between the US and Mexico. After “compromising” with the Democrats to keep the government from shutting down again, Trump immediately turned around and announced that he’d build his wall, anyway, by using his executive power to label it an emergency and thus allocate funds for it without having to get congressional approval. Of course the border situation is not an emergency by any measure, and especially not one that’s so pressing that Trump would have to pull a unprecedented (and likely unconstitutional) ploy like this to get it done as soon as possible. Between Trump’s transparent attempt to seem like a big tough boy and give his voters what he promised them, the Republican party’s complete capitulation to Trump’s power grab, the Democrats foolishly bargaining with a party that is operating entirely and exclusively on bad faith, and the utter irreducible racism at the heart of the demand for a border wall, this wasn’t America’s best day. Instead of sitting around getting angry or depressed and tweeting about it, perhaps it’s time for the people of America to actually do something about getting the real humanitarian crisis out of the White House.

Jokes can mollify and relax even in the darkest and most vexing of times, though. The unfortunate citizens of totalitarian states throughout history have left behind some of the darkest and funniest jokes imaginable. With Trump just deciding to do whatever he wants to, no matter the wishes of Congress, we’re getting closer to that kind of government than ever before, so let’s not just dismiss humor out of hand. Yes, you can make jokes about Trump’s pointless racist wall, and the tenuously legal methods he’s used to pursue, without offending any of the people who are more directly and immediately impacted by this bullshit. And yes, that’s exactly what all of the people below have done. Here’s 20 or so tweets about this entire ugly ordeal from some of the funniest minds on Twitter. Go follow ‘em all, if you’d like, and never forget that, no matter how hopeless this world might seem today, it can probably still get worse somehow.

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