Father John Misty: Twitter Haiku Poet

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Father John Misty: Twitter Haiku Poet

Ah, Josh Tillman. You never cease to amuse.

If you don’t follow Father John Misty on Twitter, you should stop whatever you’re doing and go follow the guy. Sometimes he tweets about his music, other times he makes us laugh. Not only is the musician talented, he’s also a pretty funny character. Recently, he’s been tweeting some haikus, because why not?

For those who didn’t pay attention in Language Arts classes as kids, a haiku is a poem consisting of three lines. The first and last line have five syllables, and the middle has seven. They don’t have to rhyme.

An example:
Former Fleet Foxes
Storyteller musician
Play me a song please

There has been one instance where he’s been called out for breaking the haiku rules. His response? He was drunk. We totally get it.

You keep doing you, FJM.

Click through to see several of his well-crafted, hilariously-snarky tweet haikus.