Funniest Tweets About Super Tuesday

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Funniest Tweets About Super Tuesday


Those haunting “what have I done” eyes with the hundred-thousand-yard stare from Governor Chris Christie as he stood behind Donald Trump, the candidate he’d chosen to publicly endorse only a few days ago, wearing the unmistakable expression of deep regret.

That look seemed to sum up most people’s sentiments to the Super Tuesday primary results as Donald Trump won most of the states up for grabs, with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio winning just enough to keep the race to the bottom going just a bit longer. On the other side of the aisle, Bernie Sanders won enough to stay in the race with Hillary Clinton but not enough to disprove the the narrative that Clinton isn’t running away with the race.

Comedians on Twitter had a field day with the dispirting results and the broken expression on Christie’s face. Here, enjoy our favorites of the day, collected from these mirthmakers: