Listen to an Exclusive Clip from Jackie Kashian's New Stand-up Album

Comedy Audio Jackie Kashian
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Making friends is hard. Meeting people might be easy, at least when you're a kid, and have the enforced social structure of school regulating your days, but turning those people into legitimate friends can be hard, frightening work. That's why Jackie Kashian had to make up her own friends when she was a kid. The host of podcasts The Dork Forest and The Jackie and Laurie Show has a new stand-up album coming out on March 3 on Stand Up! Records, and Paste is excited to share a little slice of it with you today. On the track "Friendship," she talks about those childhood struggles to make friends, and how it carried on into her teen years and beyond. You'll laugh, but you'll also maybe feel. Click the button above to make it work, and if you dig it, maybe check out the full album when it's out next week.