Watch Emma Stone's Glorious Lip Sync Battle With Jimmy Fallon

Comedy Video Jimmy Fallon
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Just about every aspect of the Jimmy Fallon-hosted Tonight Show has been a resounding success, and none more so than the show’s recurring lip sync battles. Paul Rudd, the previous pantomime champ, brought down the house and decent portion of the Internet with his killer Queen cover earlier this year. But last night, The Amazing Spider-Man’s Emma Stone outdid even that performance when she and Fallon faced off in an incredible contest of mortal song-bat.

Starting her set with a passionate but physically subdued rendition of Blue Traveler’s “Hook,” Stone seemed no match for Fallon’s animated lip syncs to Iggy Azalea and Styx. After that, though, Stone took the entire game to a new level with DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win.” Check it out above, and finally see what Ludicris would look like if he were a 25-year-old white girl.

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