Watch Jimmy Fallon Get a Frustrated Arnold Schwarzenegger to Yell "Get to the Choppa"

Comedy Video Jimmy Fallon
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The 21st century hasn’t been especially kind to Arnie’s film career, but thanks to silver age Internet memes like and the Arnold Schwarzenegger Soundboard, the popularity of Austrian-accented movie quotes has never been higher. Foremost among these is the elegant, easily imitated “Get to the choppa!” from Predator. So, to the delight of “screaming foreign guy” fans everywhere, Jimmy Fallon got the ex-Governator to say the phrase over and over (and over) again on Monday’s Tonight Show.

In what has to be the flimsiest sketch premise in late-night history, Fallon hosted Schwarzenegger on a fake infomercial for “a killer vegetable chopper,” which he then ignored. Naturally, this prompted the former executive of the world’s eighth largest economy to repeatedly yell “Get to the choppa!” To his credit, Schwarzenegger stopped short of tracking down and killing Fallon to prove himself the the galaxy’s greatest hunter. Check it out above.

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