Good Timing with Jo Firestone Shows There's No Age Limit on Stand-up

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<i>Good Timing with Jo Firestone</i> Shows There's No Age Limit on Stand-up

Who knew the pandemic could help create something so pure? When COVID shut down much of the world, comedian Jo Firestone (who you should be familiar with from Joe Pera Talks with You) turned to Zoom to keep busy. She didn’t just do comedy through the app, though; she started teaching a comedy workshop for senior citizens. Stand-up’s for everyone, no matter how old you are, and it’s good to have people like Firestone around to emphasize that, especially given how insular and closed-off the traditional network of stand-up clubs and bookers has been.

Firestone’s students are ready for their closeup now, and will be making their stand-up debuts in the upcoming Peacock special Good Timing with Jo Firestone. 16 first-timers take the stage in the special, which, as Firestone notes in the trailer below, was the rare stand-up show held in the middle of the afternoon. This first look is focused more on the overall concept than any specific jokes (although there are a couple of great ones in the trailer, especially the one about the doctor), but you can tell how much this experience meant to everybody involved. Stand-up has long needed to be more inclusive and more accessible, with a wider range of viewpoints and experiences, and Firestone’s class and special looks like a particularly heartwarming way to open it up a bit more.

Check out the trailer below. Good Timing with Jo Firestone premieres on Peacock on Friday, Oct. 15.