Watch John Oliver Reveal a New Superhero in Last Week Tonight Web Exclusive

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Superhero fare is everywhere these days. It’s in theaters, on television and everywhere in between. Even Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver, whose HBO show is on a brief summer hiatus, can’t seem to escape them. Instead of tirelessly attempting to evade the superheroes that surround us all, Oliver has chosen to propose his own form of counter-programming.

Oliver took to YouTube this week to propose his own superhero, Johnny Strong. Strong is a caped crusader created by Oliver when he was in the fifth grade, and although their names are similar (Strong’s real name is John Olivier), Oliver assures audiences they bear no relation.

Oliver then proceeds to describe exactly what the first Johnny Strong movie might look like, promising a story of bravery starring a hero Oliver himself describes as “unconventionally handsome.” As Oliver explains, Strong is a “kick-ass hero with a bad attitude. He’s seen a boob and he knows what the f-word is. He intrepidly battles villains such as Doc Bedtime, a monster made of blankets who can magically plunge the world into total darkness.”

Oliver understands that people can tire of superhero movies that all feel the same. No one wants to watch “Mean Spider-Man” or “Sad Man vs. Supersad Man” anymore. Instead, try Johnny Strong. He’s the hero we need, even if we don’t deserve him.