Watch John Oliver Blaze Through the Problems with Marijuana Legalization

Comedy Video John Oliver
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The issue of marijuana is like Mark Wahlberg being seen as a serious actor.

That’s part of the central thesis of John Oliver’s latest piece on marijuana legalization; it’s something we’ve all grown to accept, but is still fraught with problems.

In the case of Wahlberg, it’s films such as Transformers. For legalization, it’s a matter of new state laws about weed use being in serious conflict with existing federal laws about everything from shipping to paying employees of legal dispensaries, to individuals with disabilities being able to use marijuana.

Many of those federal laws are decades old (stretching back to the Nixon administration and earlier) and were less strictly enforced under President Obama’s tenure. But as Oliver points out in his piece, “golf in human form” (aka Attorney General Jeff Sessions) has a major problem with pot (so much so that he’s willing to quote Lady Gaga to prove a point).

Oliver shows that such a fervent anti-weed agenda from the nation’s “top cop” places these new laws, such as the one California passed in November 2016, in serious limbo and has more than a few people scratching their heads (and not just the ones that are stoned).

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