Obama's Anger Translator Luther Comes Out of Retirement on Colbert

Comedy Video Keegan-Michael Key
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If there’s one thing Keegan-Michael Key is good at, it’s being pissed (not that there’s only one thing, mind you). Many of his most memorable Key & Peele performances involve Key angrily stomping around, incredulous about some perceived injustice. Key has been mad about the way white people pronounce their names, people that have no concrete opinions on pop culture and even just misunderstood text conversations.

But Key’s most famous anger turn has to be as President Obama’s “anger translator,” Luther. The bit proved so popular, the comedian was actually invited to translate the anger of the actual president himself back in 2015 during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Naturally, since Obama left office, there hasn’t been much need for Luther, and so the character was retired.

Until now.

Yesterday, Stephen Colbert managed to coax Luther out of retirement for a segment on CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Key goes on a massive, hilarious rant about things that he imagines Obama was thinking, but couldn’t say.

Let’s not spoil it. Just watch Luther’s rebirth above.