Listen to an Exclusive Clip from Lachlan Patterson's New Stand-up Album

Comedy Audio Lachlan Patterson
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Canadian comic Lachlan Patterson's new special, Live From Venice Beach, is out this week, today on Seeso and tomorrow on Audible Channels. If you want to listen to it in your car or on your phone or in the gym or while loitering on Venice Beach in some kind of weird attempt to commune directly with Patterson's soul, you'll have to wait all the way until tomorrow to get the album through Audible. As Annie once sang, tomorrow will never fucking get here, so before you get sick of waiting go ahead and listen to this exclusive clip from the man's new album. "Bad Diet" isn't about Japanese parliamentary politics, but about the stuff you put in your mouth, and why no restaurant should ever call itself Your House. Take a listen and check out the full set on Seeso or Audible.