Listen to an Exclusive Track from Langston Kerman's Comedy Central Album

Comedy Features Langston Kerman
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Listen to an Exclusive Track from Langston Kerman's Comedy Central Album

Tomorrow’s basically Langston Kerman Day. The LA-based comedian has both a special and an album coming out tomorrow, along with (and you might want to sit down for this one) a candid, in-depth, probing interview here at Paste, written by our brand new assistant comedy editor, Yusef Roach. After years of popping up on shows like High Maintenance, Comedy Bang! Bang! and Adam Devine’s House Party, Kerman’s about to get the stage to himself (and, uh, your headphones, too), and you’ll want to hear what the man has to say.

Kerman is the focal point of this season’s first episode of Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents, a half-hour special that premieres on the network at 11 PM ET/PT on Friday, Sept. 28. Earlier in the day his first album, Lightskinned Feelings, will be released through Comedy Central Records everywhere comedy albums are released today. That means you’ll be able to buy it at iTunes, or stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, Stitcher Premium and Pandora Premium. All his time in comedy has been building up to this one huge day, and as you’ll learn in Roach’s article tomorrow, Kerman’s been desperately waiting for both the album and special to finally hit the world.

The full 15 track album might be under wraps for a few more hours, but we can share at least one of those bits with you today, exclusively here at Paste. On “Oh Canada (With Yo’ Fine Ass)”, Kerman talks about why Canada blows his mind, which eventually turns into a riff on how much he wishes he could own a white slave. It’s good. That means it’s funny. I laughed at it (or I guess with it?). You hopefully will, too. Listen to it below, only at Paste, and look out for both his album and special tomorrow.

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