Watch Late Night's Amber Ruffin Annotate Trump's Black History Month Speech

Comedy Video Late Night
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Donald Trump, a spoiled five-year-old in the body of a spoiled 70-year-old, is not smart. Also, he’s stupid. Also, he’s very stupid. Also, he’s so tremendously stupid he apparently thinks Frederick Douglass is still alive. Also, he’s so very tremendously stupid that his stupidity has enveloped his press secretary, Sean Spicer, who apparently also thinks Frederick Douglass is still alive. These revelations all trickled out over the course of yesterday morning and afternoon, and thus far neither party has given any indication that they quite know who Frederick Douglass is, nor that he died in 1895. This news was perhaps overwhelmed by the later revelations that our president threatened to invade Mexico and yelled at Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, but not before Late Night’s Amber Ruffin could unpack the president’s Black History Month remarks with a delicious blend of indignation and bafflement.

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