Leslie Jones Figures Out Who Hacked Her Website with Mr. Robot in SNL Spoof

Comedy Video Leslie Jones
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Leslie Jones has gone through more in the last few months than most celebrities have to deal with in their entire careers, and the fact that she’s been handling it with positivity and humor is frankly inspiring.

In the latest Saturday Night Live short, Jones goes after the people who hacked her website with the help of Mr. Robot’s hacker extraordinaire Elliot, played by Pete Davidson doing a spot-on Rami Malek impression. Jones hits on Mr. Robot by singing the Ghostbusters theme and tries to figure out why nobody stands in the center of the frame.

It seems that the skit was inspired by Jones’ meet-up with Malek after the Emmys a few weeks ago when she tweeted out a selfie of them together with the caption, “Do you think he could help me catch hacker lmao!!”

You can watch the skit above and check out Jones’ selfie with Malek below.