Lin-Manuel Miranda Hopes to See Hamilton Someday in His SNL Promos

Comedy Video Lin-Manuel Miranda
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Lin-Manuel Miranda has heard really good things about Hamilton, but even he’s not immune to the problems with getting tickets that the rest of us face. In his promos for Saturday Night Live, the host reveals that he still hasn’t seen the musical he starred in and created.

Miranda is hosting SNL this Saturday with musical guest Twenty One Pilots. In the promos with Cecily Strong, Miranda also brings out his inner Sex and the City when Strong reveals that she’s more of a Lin-Manuel Samantha. Strong also takes a minute to attack Miranda for speaking instead of rapping, which she assumes he must just be doing all the time.

Miranda’s hosting stint will be his first on SNL. Although he’s no longer starring in Hamilton, Miranda is keeping busy. He wrote the music for the forthcoming Disney film Moana and is also set to star in a new Mary Poppins film alongside Emily Blunt. Check out the full promo above to see Miranda storm off set in a rage, only to come back for his vinegar.

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