The Funniest Tweets about Kendall Jenner's Terrible Pepsi Ad

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The Funniest Tweets about Kendall Jenner's Terrible Pepsi Ad

Just a few quick questions about this commercial: Why does the cellist, who seems to start out in his apartment, bring his cello to the march? What is Kendall wiping off her lips in the shot where she seems to be wiping something off her lips? Is it supposed to be the photographer lady who’s taking these portraits of protestors grinning at the camera? Why does everyone cheer when the cop cracks open the Pepsi? Can everyone in the march see him? Even from waaaaaay in the back? Or are the people in the front so thrilled about the Pepsi that they turn around and tell the people behind them what happened, who then tell the people behind them, and so forth? Why does that guy hug the photographer for taking a picture? What exactly is the photo she takes—Kendall handing the cop the Pepsi, the cop taking it, the cop cracking it open, or the cop drinking it? Based on the sound design it seems like she takes the photo at the moment he opens the can; that would seem to be an important enough beat that it’s worth making absolutely clear, right? And as a follow-up question to all of this, what?!?!? Okay, here are the best tweets about the thing, from you know who: