Louis C.K. Has Ended Web Series Horace and Pete

Comedy News
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After speaking out about financial woes stemming from his bar-based dramedy Horace and Pete, Louis C.K. announced over the weekend that the latest episode in the web series would be its last. “I didn’t want you to know, as you watched the episode, that it would be the last one. But yeah, obviously, that was it,” C.K. wrote in an email sent to fans last Saturday morning.

In an interview with The Howard Stern Show last week, C.K. revealed that the series, which premiered on January 30, had put him millions in debt. The comedian was forced to take out a line of credit to help pay for the show, which starred C.K. as well as other big names like Alan Alda and Steve Buscemi. Edie Falco, Rebecca Hall, Jessica Lange, Kurt Metzger and Steven Wright also made appearances.

C.K. still believes the series will eventually pay for itself, though it’s not clear if he is sticking with his previous plans to sell it once he recoups any losses. “I’ll go on the road, doing stand-up, afterwards, and I’ll make it back,” C.K. said.

Horace and Pete was released with little-to-no promotion, but the star power attached would have ideally been enough to propel the show to mild success. That assumption didn’t come to fruition for C.K. However, fans can still relish their favorite moments between the comers and goers of C.K.’s fictional Irish bar.

Per the comedian and creator’s email, the first season in its entirety is now available for purchase at the one-time price of $31. It ultimately adds up to the same amount fans who purchased the series on an episode-by-episode basis paid. “Now that I have finished the season, we can offer it to you this way,” C.K. explained. “We don’t offer a discount for buying all episodes, because that isn’t fair to those who bought them one at a time, with no other option at the time. And I also don’t want to penalize people who want to sample one show or more first. It’s just simpler to charge the same either way.”

“Thank you again to those of you who watched with us as we made it,” C.K. continued. “To those of you who haven’t, I can tell you, now that it’s done, it’s a fucking good show. It really is.”

You can buy Horace and Pete’s first and final season here.