The Funniest #GOPDebate Tweets From the Miami Debate

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The Funniest #GOPDebate Tweets From the Miami Debate

We’ve been operating under the assumption that these GOP primary debates were almost over (read this piece already), but what if they swerve the world and keep running these things for years to come? American Idol is ending and with these debates the networks have already found the next smash hit competition show. Surely there’s enough juice here. Just keep plugging in new candidates as needed, a Nikki Haley here, a Ben Sasse there, and this show could easily run for the next decade or longer. I mean, assuming the party doesn’t destroy itself this year by nominating a racist cartoon man and child’s idea of a millionaire, or destroy the planet by disavowing all science and all attempts at reasonable diplomacy. You know, if they somehow stop acting like the modern day GOP. This three year off-season between primary debates needs to end now if the networks want to stay afloat, and if Rubio wants to keep talking about Trump’s junk. Last night’s debate was a bit of a low energy affair, at least by GOP standards, but that didn’t stop the usual suspects from ripping it apart in hilarious fashion on Twitter. Here are the best of the best, courtesy of: